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Optimal Clinic

  • Do you or your relatives have any complaints about eyes?
  • Is your child developing   cross-eyedness?
  • Do you spend much time at the computer and overload your sight?
  • Your eyes get tired, and you want to define the sharpness of the sight?

We will help to correct it. Contact the ophthalmology clinic of family type  “Optimal” and examine all the family. The specialists of our ophthalmological clinic will provide you with professional consultation, make necessary analyses and diagnoses, make prognoses as for the dynamics of disease development,   prescribe necessary treatment and help to restore vision. The family clinic “Optimal” will take care about every single patient and supply individual  approach to your problems.

If you noticed the blurred vision in you or your relatives, do not postpone a visit to the ophthalmologist. In time diagnostics, examination and diagnosing can help to reveal many diseases at the provisional stage that can be easily treated.

Remember, regular inspections will help to avoid the great number of serious diseases. Caring about health of your eyes, you care about the health of your organism on the whole.

The ophthalmology clinic “Optimal” will help to get you rid of emerging problems and will return the health of your eyes. Visit us, and the world will become bright and colorful again.

The clinic “Optimal” provides the wide spectrum of medical services and the highest level of help in area of ophthalmology. Our center of sight is equipped with the newest equipment, including the innovative method of treatment, the only one in Vinnytsia – soft – and hardware complex Boslab. More than 700 children and adults are treated outpatiently  and  about 5700 patients are examined at policlinic yearly. The charity curatively-diagnostic events for needy social sectors are conducted regularly in our center of sight and every year the funds are transferred to the fund of public welfare.

The clinic “Optimal” uses all advanced methods and procedures of treatment of great number of eye diseases, provides the wide choice of multifunction lenses for glasses and beautiful frames from world producers, enormous choice of contact lenses and facilities for their care. Besides, you can order here the urgent making of glasses and repair of any complication.

Here you can go through complex inspection as for  the presence of any kind of  pathology of organ of sight,  take preventive measures of eye diseases, choose yourself a beautiful glasses frame  or choose suitable  one exactly to your lenses.

Thanks to the best specialists and high-quality medical equipment of the European level, the clinic “Optimal” successfully helped thousands of people to recover and improve the sight. It is not worth waiting a second, just come to the clinic family type “Optimal” and make sure that good sight is reality. With us your vision of world will change! With the clinic Optimal the world will become brighter.

Specialized Team

The ophthalmological clinic “Optimal” will provide to you the wide spectrum of services, safety and high-quality medical services.

Natalia Malachkova

First category ophthalmologist

Candidate of Medical Sciences, Head of the Department of Eye Diseases of Vinnitsa National Medical University

Artem Urazov

Ophthalmologist of the highest category

Appropriately empower dynamic leadership skills after business portals. Globally myocardinate interactive supply chains with quality.

Maxim Khodakovsky

Ophthalmologist of the highest category

Anesthesiologist-resuscitator, highest category. Work experience – 23 years.

Tetiana Kozlova

Ophthalmologist of the second category.

Children`s ophthalmologist. She graduated from VNMU named after Pirogov, work experience – 11 years.

Olexander Omelchenko

Ophthalmologist of the highest category

Work experience – 22 years, the license of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine No. 47 of November 15, 2012.

Natalya Galachenko

Ophthalmologist of the first category

Work experience – 25 years, license of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine No. 7 of 03/25/2010

Svitlana Plyushko

Ophthalmologist of the highest category

Children’s ophthalmologist, work experience – 25 years, license of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine No. 21 of 06/16/2011.

Yaroslava Babak

Ophthalmologist of the first category

Work experience – 5 years.

Iryna Kovalchuk

Ophthalmologist of the highest category

Work experience – 22 years, license of Ministry of Health of Ukraine No. 196 dated 03/20/2014.Безымянный2jpg-1.jpg

Maria Kuzyk

Ophthalmologist of the first category

Children’s ophthalmologist, work experience – 3 years.

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General ophthalmology

  1. Consultation with an ophthalmologist
  2. Examination of newborns
  3. Oculography
  4. Anti-VEGF Therapy – Intravitreal Injections
  5. Eye prosthetics
  6. Selection of contact lenses and other types of correction
  7. Optical coherence tomography
  8. Orthokeratology – night lenses
  9. Retinal coagulation
  10. Cross-linking
  11. Computer perimetry
  12. Prediction of hereditary diseases
  13. Treatment of pathologies of organs of vision:
  • Treatment of amblyopia
  • Treatment of strabismus
  • Training reserves of accommodation in myopia, treatment of accommodation spasms at any age using the Boslab apparatus

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Screening examination as for the presence of pathology of the organ of vision:

    1. Biomicroscopy
    2. Squint measurement
    3. Study of the field of view
    4. Computer refractometry and keratometry
    5. Determination of visual acuity
    6. Determining the nature of vision
    7. Corneal thickness measurement – pachymetry
    8. Keratotopography
    9. Contactless tonometry
    10. Tonometry
    11. Ultrasound diagnosis (eye size, lens condition, corneal thickness, calculation of the required intraocular lens, etc.)

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Surgical Ophthalmology

  1. Surgical treatment of cataracts
  2. Surgical treatment of glaucoma
  3. Surgical eyelid correction
  4. Surgical correction of strabismus
  5. Operations on the lacrimal ducts
  6. Probing the tear ducts

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Ocular prosthetics

We supply prostheses to most state clinics in Ukraine, but you can contact us directly.

An ocular prosthesis is a special implant that replaces the shape and function of a natural eye lost to an accident or disease. The “fake eye” has not only cosmetic and therapeutic but also prophylactic significance.

A professionally selected implant releases a person from the use of a bandage, performs protective from external influences functions and transforms the patient outwardly.

Why is it worth contacting the Optimal clinic:

  1. We are one out of three clinics in Ukraine that deal with individual prosthetics.
  2. We possess 15 years of experience in ocular prostheses manufacturing.
  3. We have a master artist who can paint irises at the highest artistic level.
  4. We treat patients with prostheses of any age.

Prosthetic Eye for Children

Sometimes babies are born without an eye. We accompany such patient from the first days. For newborns, we make a prosthesis and replace it every 2-3 months to form correctly the eye cavity.

A person without an eye often experiences psychological suffering. Our clinic helps patients to overcome anxiety and complexes, we teach how to use the prosthesis correctly. We help to make the prosthesis invisible to others.

The cost of standard prostheses is 1600 UAH

The price includes:

  1. Primary consultation.
  2. Inspection of the cavity.
  3. Selection of the prosthesis.
  4. Fitting and training.

The whole prosthetics procedure takes several hours. After visiting us in just a few hours you will receive a good imitation of the eye, which is unlikely to be distinguished from a healthy eye by a non-specialist.

The price for individual prosthetics is   3600 UAH

The price includes:

  1. Primary consultation.
  2. Inspection of the cavity.
  3. Making an ingot from a plastic mass.
  4. Fitting and training.

The whole process takes 2-3 days. This procedure can be recommended by our doctor if a person has individual characteristics of the eye cavity or iris color.

But before deciding on the choice of an eye prosthesis the ophthalmologist will make a preliminary investigation of the conjunctival cavity, assess the condition and volume of the fornixes, check for scars, stump mobility and shape.

The ophthalmologist will advise you on how to use the prosthesis daily and how to look after it.

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Repair and production of glasses

  1. Making glasses of any complexity
  2. Repair of glasses of any complexity
  3. Ultrasonic cleaning of glasses
  4. Urgent glasses making

Optimal Clinic

The Ophthalmology clinic of family type Optimal provides high-quality medical care to the habitants of Vinnytsia and Vinnytsia area  for more than ten years. The clinic was founded on January, 19, 2000 by Malachkova  Natalia  Valentinovna (Pirogov VNMU, 1998), who is the  leading specialist and doctor-ophthalmologist of higher category, PhD in Medicine, the Head of ophtalmological department of eye illnesses of Pirogov VNMU, and Мalachkov  Sergey Gennadievich (Pirogov VNMU,1998), the member of supervisory board of charity fund “WITHOUT BORDERS”.

From day of its foundation, the clinic develops tirelessly and makes all possible to help your eyes. In the clinic “Optimal” high quality professionals with long-term medical practice and enormous experience work permanently, among them three doctors-ophthalmologists of the first and two doctors of higher qualification category, one PhD doctor.

Since 2011 an ophthalmology clinic of family type “Optimal” is the clinical base of the Vinnitsa National Pirogov Memorial Medical University. In 2011 another important event happened: our center of sight became the winner of 8th regional competition “Business elite of Podolie” in a nomination “Our brand”.

We work in step with world ophthalmology. Thanks to our team, the situation on the market of ophthalmological services is changing. Most recently, the citizens of our country went abroad for treatment, now the situation is opposite. Foreigners come to us because the treatment and surgery are more accessible, and in terms of quality and level we are not inferior to European clinics.

Thus, in 2017 the full range service clinic was established. Now you do not need to be examined and treated in different places. We conduct all the examination in our laboratory.

The center of vision “Optimal” is the clinical base of the VNMU named after Pirogov. On the basis of the clinic, students, doctors, interns, clinical interns are trained. Scientific work is performed in clinic.

Way to success

2000 – The  date of birth of the center of sight “Optimal” is considered to be   January 19th, 2000, when the glasses shop  was opened and the first glasses were made. The long preparation preceded this event during the whole previous  year. The equipment for glasses making was bought stage-by-stage, the material and technical base was being accumulated, training at Kharkov college of medical equipment was conducted. At first the shop, which was on territory of the policlinic of regional child’s hospital, provided the services on glasses making. In the course of time the service extended.

2005 – The next qualitatively new stage in development was obtaining of license of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine for medical activity and opening of medical ophthalmology office (Khmelnytsky highway, 53) which after  joining of orthoptic subdivision was transformed into Center of sight. On its base realization of valuable diagnostics, treatment of eye diseases, contact and spectacle correction, repair and making of glasses became possible.

2007 – In connection with the large number of patients and growing demand on services in the field of ophthalmology in 2007 it became necessary to purchase own premises  which would give the possibility to extend the spectrum of services and increase the amount of the inspected patients. At the beginning of the year a bank loan was received and premises at the address 2,Porika str. was purchased. It started to function in a new capacity.

2009 – This year became truly revolutionary in area of treatment of eye diseases in connection with appearance of computer system Boslab in the arsenal of center of sight. The amount of such equipment in Ukraine counts about 5 units, 2 of them are in the center of sight “Optimal”. By the end 2009 our specialists began to give help on eye prosthetics. This service is provided for Vinnytsia and nearby areas.

2011 – Due to the powerful technical base, highly qualified specialists and considerable stream of patients with pathologies of different complication degree, in 2011 the center of sight “Optimal” became the clinical base of Vinnytsia National Pirogov memorial medical University. The associate professor of department of eye illnesses of VNMU, candidate of medical sciences Malachkova N.V. receives the patients regularly on the base of the center.

2012 – Center of sight becomes the laureate of regional competition “Business elite  Podillya”. The authorities of clinic constantly conduct charity events in the field of medical services providing. Director of center of sight of Malahkov S.G. became the member of supervisory board of the charity fund “Without borders”.

2013 –the opening of Sunday-school for children with the lowered sight and also help to visually impaired with the correction of sight becomes the priority of clinic development.

2014 – As it was pre-arranged, the clinic “Optimal” started to conduct the studies at Sunday school.  This procedure is performed under the direction of an experienced doctor-ophthalmologist and gives an opportunity to support the attained results, without the treatment.

2016 – The material and technical base has been significantly expanded, and the center of vision has been significantly enlarged. The European treatment protocols adopted as a result of visits to international conferences and internships in Vienna (Austria), Maastricht (Netherlands) Würzburg (Germany), Wroclaw (Poland), St. Petersburg (Russia) were introduced into the treatment process.

2017 – New premises purchased, renovation works completed. A surgical department was opened, new equipment was purchased. The clinic has expanded the number of services in all areas of ophthalmology. Specialists of the clinic have completed courses in India, the Netherlands, Austria, Germany, Switzerland.

2020 – We have introduced ozone therapy which is a new leading method of treatment. The Head of our anesthesiology service, Maxim Anatolyevich Khodakovsky, performs the procedures. A new service based on the “Dry Eye” hardware and software complex was introduced. This method not only reveals the problem of dry eye, but also its cause.

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Public holidays.

Main services:
• Optics store
• Eyeglass workshop
• Urgent glasses making
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